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Within the context of questioning many artistic structures, Improbable Connections wants to revindicate the essential role of the structures of art training, dissemination and production. Without them, it would be difficult for artists and thinkers, who contribute great value to society in general and a project such as Improbable Connections in particular, to continue researching and experiencing other ways of conceiving and constructing the world.
Final results
Video-summary, January 2012
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Project Progress
October 2011, introduction to the OpenLab of i68 + Paola Tognazzi.
September 2011, second methodology session
July 2011, working session
Video presentation of i68
Group i68
Location: Headquarters and R&D unit in Donostia-San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa), where the Improbable project will be developed, with work centres also in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Gijón and Portugal.
Legal structure: Business group
Year founded: 1985 (recently celebrated its 25th anniversary)
Workers: over 100
Annual turnover: 6 million euros

Ownership of results: Option C (the exploitation rights fall to the host body; nevertheless, the latter pays the artist / social scientist the benefits linked to the exploitation proportionally, in line with categories to be negotiated by the two parties).
Project co-financed by the Compite programme (SPRI | Basque Government)

I68 Group + Paola Tognazzi

Key words

Usable, Friendly, Ergonomic, Collaborative, Expert (in short, almost Human Software)

Developed project: Humanising Software

This project is based on a concern about usability and ergonomics when it comes to interacting with information systems, as summarised in the idea of “Humanising Software”. Software users are evolving and this evolution is not only technical but also psychological, with a social networking culture, collaborative environments, collective intelligence, digital natives, etc. It is therefore essential to become familiar with current users, what they want, how they want things, where they want them, etc, in order to create user-friendly business software.

In addition, the aim is to create an expert system whose intelligence emerges from human exchange and interaction, a system that can learn from and with users to facilitate their work.

Faced with previous somewhat endogamic projects, various artistic/creative exercises and experiences have been conducted and these have fostered and encouraged new perspectives in the research process.

[january 2012] Results: tangible and intangible consequences of work undertaken

Many ideas have been developed and three specific projects were selected and these were technically analysed to implement after 1 February.

[may 2011] Draft project presented by Paola Tognazzi

The Gene_Sublimation investigates technologies DIY to develop interactive games for persons with movement disabilities, so they can communicate through an interface that is flexible and agile without having to use the mouse and keyboards. It is a multi-user interactive instrument based on mobile wireless sensory technology of movement capture data, analyzing the dynamic energies and rhythms of the user's body and use them to control immersive audio visual environments with the movement of the body.

[january 2011] Research requested by Group i68

Develop a new interface so that users of an information system can access it to perform functions assigned to it without having to go through classic access points such as a “menu” of strict options or tasks leading to processes (BPM). In short, it is about finding a new model of usability.

Grupo i68

The i68 Group provides customised solutions for management innovation based on its own Izaro software.

It has an R&D business unit, created in 2004, that focuses its activity on Business Management Systems, especially in the field of Advanced Management Systems for SMEs.

i68 has developed projects in collaboration with many companies, technological centres and universities. Moreover, it has agreements with several universities to carry out final-year projects in companies, and it is present in organs of advice and leadership of policies revolving around science, technology, research and innovation in Euskadi. The Group is seeking to increase its involvement in programmes supporting research, development and innovation, as well as in international cooperation programmes.

The core work team of the i68 Group consists of four people: two researchers, one person for pre-sales, marketing and sales and an expert consultant in client implementation.

Paola Tognazzi

Work areas: development of interactive systems allowing users to move freely in space and mathematics teacher for teenagers.

Paola Tognazzi studied Industrial Design at IED in Milan and Philosophy at the University of Bologna. In 2001, she graduated from the MTD and SNDO Art Academies in Amsterdam, specialising in theatre direction using interactive audiovisual installations. She worked as an assistant to Sasha Waltz at Nobody, with Min Tanaka in Japan and as an executive producer of interactive operas at Azzurro Studio in Milan. In 2008, she founded Wearable_Dynamics Research.

Her work explores the sensuality of interactive systems, creating artistic experiences that physically and emotionally involve audiences and encourage the development of sensory awareness.

She is 37 years old and resides mainly in Madrid.