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Within the context of questioning many artistic structures, Improbable Connections wants to revindicate the essential role of the structures of art training, dissemination and production. Without them, it would be difficult for artists and thinkers, who contribute great value to society in general and a project such as Improbable Connections in particular, to continue researching and experiencing other ways of conceiving and constructing the world.

OpenLabs in Bizkaia

2-8 November 2011, various locations

Her techno h(j)obby: gender and technology, 2 November

DeustoTech (the R&D unit of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Deusto) is together with Remedios Zafra (artist and researcher) seeking to promote the vocation of women in research in the field of EICTs (electronic, information and communication technologies) and towards associated engineering degrees.

They are developing three lines of work based on the idea that vocations are related to cultural imaginaries and patterns, with social expectations, with the processes of play and education and also with the formation of the different engineering and technological research fields. The three lines have been dubbed: techno-imaginaries, lovetek and deco-eict and involve interventions in various fields of action. A common idea in all three is that vocation is related to the possibility of converting a hobby into a job.

The OpenLab is based on a presentation and discussion on current research and a creative workshop on techno-imaginaries for collaborative idea work on, among other things, stories of women scientists and engineers in 2050, under the idea that we must first be able to imagine things before we can change them.

Workshop led by Remedios Zafra in collaboration with the team at DeustoTech.
When: Wednesday 2 November from 6pm to 9pm.
Where: Conference Room, University of Deusto, Avda. de las Universidades 24, Bilbao (the room can be found in the first cloister next to the assembly hall).
Target audience: People committed to equality and social change and those interested in technology. It may also be of interest if you are curious about feminist and gender studies or work in equality related fields, or if you are in the fields of science or engineering, and equally so if you like creative work, imagination and artistic practice. Writers, cultural producers, engineering and science trainees (as well as women who considered these fields but finally did not want to or could not follow through with them).
People who participate in the workshop and so desire it will be given credits on techno-imaginaries.

What if...? Health crisis and alternative reality, 3 November

ANESVAD (a Development NGO dedicated to promoting and protecting the right to health cover) is together with Carme Romero (artist specialising in game design) seeking to achieve greater involvement from the society in their projects. In order to do so, they are designing an alternative reality game.

They are aiming to create audiovisual content for the game based on the subject of a health crisis in an hypothetical future within the framework of the OpenLab.

Workshop presented by Carme Romero and the ANESVAD team.
When: Thursday 3 November from 3.30pm to 6.30pm.
Where: Bilbao Arte (Urazurrutia 32, Bilbao la Vieja)
No specific skills are required to participate in the workshop and people of all ages are welcome. It may be of special interest to people connected to journalism, game design, art or cooperation.

The “ikastola” of 2030, 5 November

Lauaxeta Ikastola is together with Mikel Morlas (artist and researcher) investigating ways to promote a culture of innovation among teachers. They are implementing various strategies of participation and collaborative creativity in the Ikastola in order to do this.

This OpenLab invites the students’ parents, former students and the school’s own students to design the future school through various games and group dynamics. Workshop imparted by Mikel Morlas and the Lauaxeta Ikastola team.

When: Saturday 5 November from 11am to 2pm.
Where: Lauaxeta Ikastola, Barrio Euba, Amorebieta.
Target audience: Parents of Lauaxeta’s young students, former students, the school’s young students. Childcare service available.