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The Planta 0 de Bomberos AuzoLab was conducted on the suggestion of the European Capital of Culture Donostia/San Sebastián 2016, which had moved its offices to the former Fire Brigade building whose ground floor (Planta 0) was not being used for any specific purposes.



The project’s challenge was to define how Planta 0 de Bomberos was to be finally used and its management formula.



The “different others” chosen were collectives that had previously collaborated with the Conexiones improbables platform: Pink Gorillas and Maushaus . The AuzoLab headed by Pink Gorillas took place in Basque while the Maushaus AuzoLab was conducted in Spanish.



It was decided that the two groups had to comprise 8-10 people representing spaces or projects related to the subject of the work, with connections to innovative, groundbreaking initiatives, symbolising the diversity in Donostia and with an open mind: a range of people working in public institutions, representing cultural associations and social organisations.



In order to attract a higher level of participation and therefore achieve a greater degree of monitoring, it was decided to hold two AuzoLabs and these began in May 2014. Each had four sessions, including the Methodology Session plus a day for presenting results, which took place on 22 July 2014. All the sessions were held in various Espacio 2016 spaces.



The Pink Gorillas AuzoLab presented two prototypes:

  • Aterpe kudeaketa: based on the model of a refuge/hostel, the Planta 0 space would be open to the public, ideas and processes. The management model would be a mix between citizens and DSS2016EU.
  • Kultura implikatiboaren kudeaketa: based on co-management between DSS2016EU and citizens, although management would commence with Donostia/San Sebastián 2016. It would involve two phases: the first in which a joint council would define the proposals, but in which DSS2016EU would have the final word, and a second phase that would open the process to the public.

Maushaus presented three prototypes:

  • Self-management: based on a fully open online tool to the public.
  • Knowledge sharing: displaying the personal nature of the processes and accommodating a selection criterion for participation.
  • Must (“something I can’t miss”): consisting of a permanent programming model that requires shared management.



After analysing the results of the Planta 0 de Bomberos AuzoLabs, the Conexiones improbables platform has recommended ruling out the idea of ​​a space dedicated to only one type of activity. In terms of content, it is committed to a hybrid space aimed at both amateurs and professionals that would be a meeting place and would host cultural activities and activities involving creation, exchange, training and dissemination.

In terms of management, the Conexiones improbables has recommended that the management system evolves over time and is based on a mix between a “committee of wise men” and more open assemblies.


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