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Iturria Industrial. A family business founded in 1929 that sells ceramics, bathrooms and building materials.



The company has for 10 years been located in an industrial estate that mainly houses primary and secondary sector companies. It is seeking ways to make its location more visible and also wants to open unused spaces within the company to different groups.



Maushaus is an artistic/technical education project aimed at young people in which close relationships with architecture are established through workshops to discover the language of a city by studying its constituent elements. It attempts to awaken and stimulate children’s spatial curiosity in order to perceive and respect urban environments.


Maushaus’s idea is to use the apparent disadvantage of industrial contexts, positioned outside urban environments, to create new contexts in which the availability of space that the company wants to share is made evident. For example, the available spaces could be offered to activate constructive activities, such as self-construction workshops involving people interested in this field, thereby creating an environment that triggers events to attract a flow of visitors to the company.


Factory of Ideas is the result of a Creative Pill co-created between Iturria, construction materials, and Mauhaus, to which the Kunsthal School of Visual Arts and Design in Irun joined during the project.

The project addresses two concerns in Iturria: that of encouraging the arrival of new audiences and also activating the empty spaces within the company itself. An attempt at collaboration with the Design School was retried, as it had led to nowhere in its day, and a smooth and eager relationship was achieved with the School’s management, which seemed to be on the same track as the company.

The collaboration proposal made to the Design School was for it to be able to use an empty space measuring 6,000m2 in the company, as well as some out-of-season materials that were to be put up for sale, although they were new and in perfect condition, for experiential learning activities. By making this space and these materials available to the Design School, it could organise (design and construction) workshops to help students to experiment with real projects of designing furniture and objects. The furniture and objects thus produced could also be sold by the company in the future.

The project thereby not only addresses the need to attract new audiences (in this case, the audience linked to the School) and the need to activate empty spaces, but also helps to generate new business areas for Iturria in the medium term.

Factory of Ideas transcends the advertising nature of the challenge and increases its projection, establishing real emotional, lasting links between both parties, thanks to the coexistence of residency projects and promoting the Iturria warehouse space in a different way to visitors.



IrunLab Industry is promoted by Irun City Council through Bidasoa activa and the co-financing of Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa.


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