Obe Hettich

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Obe Hettich

Obe Hettich develops and produces innovative technology for the furniture industry in collaboration with the furniture and home appliance industry. One of its main activities is the design and manufacture of iron fittings. 

The company was founded by Basque families in Aizarnazabal in the late 1960s and united with a German multinational in 1978. It is now a multinational company with more than 5,800 workers distributed in over 100 countries.



Diego Soroa. Work areas: architecture, design thinking, social thinking. Diego Soroa studied architecture at the School of Madrid and IIT in Chicago. In 2006, he founded the Cuantics laboratory of applied creativity and the following year won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Bilbao. Since then, he has carried out a variety of activities as a “creative agent”.


The research is aimed at possible mechanisms to develop co-branding projects (devising and developing products by merging two brands into one joint brand) between Obe Hettich and suppliers and/or clients, thus helping to unite forces to conceive future products/services and opening up new avenues for a closer relationship with users. The aim is also to test these mechanisms by applying them to the range of household products.



Draft project presented by Diego Soroa
In the wake of social networks, companies are looking for ways of incorporating collective intelligence and skills in their processes of creation, production, distribution and communication. However, in order for this collaborative culture to flow, it must spring from shared motivation, pursue a convergent vision and be channelled through a common language. Cuantics Creatives aims to bring transparency to the collaborative potential of Obe Hettich by developing a variety of visual codes to demonstrate the individual and collective motivation and skills of its agents and help devise new ways of approaching clients.

The project started with the aim of finding a methodology that could help implement co-branding strategies with customers and suppliers based on certain products and/or services and primarily using an already existing product as a starting point.

All manner of proposals were made. These were presented to the customer, a negotiation strategy was defined, new ways of interpreting things were considered, and so on. The result was the creation of a tool to help define positioning and from there to know what to aspire to in order to achieve a balance towards a prosperous and fruitful relationship.



In short, quite an achievement, an exciting journey by land, sea and air, full of experiences and new relationship models that will surely influence future relationships with customers. 


Video Summary


Project co-financed by the Compite programme (SPRI, Basque Government)


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